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Company Overview

Gumenick Properties is an award-winning real estate development and management company with operations in central and southeast Virginia. Founded in the late 1940s, the company now engages in three primary lines of business — apartment community development and operation, new home building, and commercial office and retail investment. Gumenick Properties has worked diligently to be a positive force in the areas in which it operates. This means providing quality homes for customers as well as being engaged in local communities. The company's actions are guided not only by prudent business imperatives but also by heartfelt values.

The company currently owns and operates investment properties in Florida and Virginia. These apartment communities, and commercial office and retail properties are all located in thriving metropolitan areas, and consistently receive national recognition for excellence in customer service, appearance and maintenance.

Gumenick Properties also is engaged in homebuilding activities, primarily in Central Virginia. The company has made a strategic decision to focus on the quality of its ventures rather than quantity. This means that every new community and every new home represents a unique and sophisticated union of attractive architecture, pleasing landscaping and innovative use of modern materials and construction techniques. As a result, Gumenick Properties' townhomes, condominiums and single-family dwellings have met with an enthusiastic reception and enjoyed rapid sales.

Because the company does business in economically robust areas, large tracts of undeveloped land often are unavailable for development. Accordingly, Gumenick Properties has acquired extensive experience in neighborhood revitalization, a specialty it will continue to refine in the future. These projects meet many needs, including curbing suburban sprawl, enhancing local tax bases and meeting long-term community goals set by elected leaders and professional planners. The company's revitalization work always has been undertaken with respect for local sensitivities and needs. As a result, Gumenick Properties' revitalization projects have garnered praise and ready acceptance from customers, neighbors, civic leaders, and professional organizations such as the Urban Land Institute of Virginia, the Greater Richmond Association of Commercial Real Estate, and the Richmond Real Estate Group.