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Our primary goal is to provide superior quality homes and exceptional customer service to each of our homeowners. Take a moment to read what some of them had to say about their experiences with Gumenick Properties. 

We have recommended Gumenick Libbie Mill Midtown to many friends and are excited to see how this community develops.

Kayla Jones, The Neighborhood of Libbie Mill - Midtown


From start to finish, this was a very pleasant and efficient home buying process. My home is awesome!

Jeffrey Howard, The Neighborhood of Libbie Mill - Midtown

Great process from start to finish. Not only am I happy with the quality of construction, but every person that I met or worked with during the whole process was incredibly nice to work with. The team at Libbie Mill is great. This being my first home, its going to be tough in the future to deal with anyone besides Gumenick because the bar they have set is so high.

Andy Hunt, The Neighborhood of Libbie Mill - Midtown


We are delighted with our new home. This is our third Gumenick Grayson Hill purchase in 9 years. We believe in the quality and reputation of the company. I also encouraged my daughter to buy a home at Libbie Mill and she in turn encouraged a co-worker to buy there as we.

Robbie Thomas, Grayson Hill

"We downsized from 4,000 Sq. Ft. but we have everything we need here. Our space is generous and beautifully crafted to suit our needs. Adopting a maintenance free lifestyle was easier than we felt possible. No effort is required to have the greatest looking property on the block!"

Deborah & Joan Kemper, Monument Square

"After nearly four years now, I'm just as happy with my purchase as the day I moved in. The homes are stylish and modern with classic design elements. I love having a Fan District-style townhome - with a two-car garage - without the hassles associated with the Fan."

Manson Boze, Monument Square

"Being the first ones to buy into Grayson Hill, we have only the greatest accolades for our beautiful community and all of the amenities that are available with it. We could not have moved anywhere in the Richmond area that would have made us any happier for the last years."

Martha & Stan Kirchmier, Grayson Hill

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